I will always remember a question that our Business Coach Joe Martin asked me one day. He said, “thinking about what you thought your business would look like when you started, what does it look like today?” I can tell you that I never intended to have a staff of 15 (and growing) and two other companies that work directly with ACS.

How we envision our companies and certainly our lives are never how they work out to be. As a small business owner, I have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I am sure that many other small business owners have experienced those feelings as well.

There is one thing that makes successful entrepreneurs different from everyone else. When we are thrown a curve ball or when something goes wrong, we are able to adapt, change direction and make it work. We may have the vision and focus to accomplish the end goal but we have the knowledge and common sense to know that getting there may take a different road than we envisioned. Another mentor of mine, Doug Parsons, once said to me, “how do you know what you’re going through is devastating until you get to the other side and see the outcome.” The wisdom of working through unexpected problems can create great opportunities for our businesses in the future. What makes successful small business owners unique is the ability to find an alternative route and keep their business growing and moving forward – taking lemons and making lemonade.