Too many leaders live in fear. The political leaders of today live in fear of not being re-elected, so they give up doing what they know to be best for their constituents.   Many leaders of publicly traded companies don’t want to be the one to rock the boat so they go along with age old policies and procedures that are killing their companies refusing to embrace a new way or a new idea.

Leaders of their own companies can sometimes be so stubborn they keep their companies at a competitive disadvantage. That stubbornness can be traced directly to the fear of change. Imagine doing business in today’s business world with all the tech devices available and not even having internet access in your place of business. Just recently I know of a very successful company, a leader in their field that finally installed internet access for their office and plant.

Leader’s have to remember what inspired them to start their own companies, what inspired them to ascend to the highest mountain. The drive and desire of a leader can easily be destroyed by fear of a board of directors or by fear of change such as a new procedure or policy.

As a leader, you have to take calculated risks, you have to be open to new ideas and change. Technology is advancing and changing every day. You have to learn to adapt or you get to watch as your competition passes you by.

Fear is a dream killer and fear is what destroys companies. As leaders we are going to be hurt, we are going to be attached, sometimes even physically. We have to learn that when those incidents happen, to not live in that fear but to let it go and remember that if some one is not after your job or gunning for you personally, you’re probably not doing enough to lead.

Learn to lead freely, refuse to live in fear. What’s the worst that can happen? You get fired? You start over? Maybe that’s the door you’re supposed to walk through anyway.

Refuse to live in fear. Be bold and decisive. Finish Strong!

Terry Luker